Helper P5
Helper P5

The first loader scale legal
for trade in Canada!

VEI’s approval is under AM-5467C of Measurements Canada approval index. The system is available for wheel loaders with a maximum bucket load capacity of 6000 kg, (13,228 lb)

Helper P5

The VEI legal-for-trade system represents the ideal weighing system for small gravel pits, where a one-man operation can load trucks and invoice customers directly from the loader. The typical weighing procedure is fast. The bucket is loaded and, when approaching the truck, the operator stops the loader and weighs the bucket in motion until the Helper P5 automatically confirms the weight. The VEI scale ensures that the angle of the machine and the bucket are on specification in order to display the weight. It’s the ideal tool for your local market, as well as for any remote location or government job.

  • You never have to stop the boom while loading
  • No button to push to add a weight
  • Bouncing and speed compensation
  • Easy to use
  • Real-time bucket tip off
  • Product & customer listing available
  • Product production recording

Helper P5


Accuracy Approved under AM-5467C of
Measurements Canada approval
Bouncing and speed compensator Yes
Real time bucket Tip Off Yes
Number of calibrations 1
Auto-Add Yes


Vibration and shock tested Yes
Salty environment tested Yes
Extreme high and low temperature tested Yes
All cables are protected ensuring durability Yes


Products 40
Customers 680
Optional TrackWeight cellular Yes
More features are available. Contact your RMT Master dealer for more information.


  • Covered by the best 3-year parts warranty on the market.
  • Product available from RMT or local Canadian RMT Master Dealer network only.
  • Onsite installation, calibration and training.
  • Each RMT master distributor has factory trained technicians. They make sure you are fully satisfied
    and help you to use the full power of your new VEI product!
helper p5 printer


Printed information includes: Company name, customer name, product name, load ID, ticket no., date and time, weight, volume.

ticket printout samples

The Helper P5, with its built-in printer, allows the operator to choose between different types of ticket printouts.

Standard Truck Ticket

When truck loading is completed, pressing the TOTAL key will start the automatic printing. The operator can print several copies of the same ticket by pressing the Total key again.

Product Grand Total Ticket

By pressing the G.TOT key, you will obtain the grand total of each of the 40 different products. This is ideal for plant production and stock piling.

Customer Load Report Ticket

By pressing the CUSTOMER mode, the operator can reprint each Standard Truck Ticket with the grand total loaded by customer, in a short format. The Helper P5 can manage up to 680 customer names.

TrackWeight Mobile

trackweight mobile

With TrackWeight Mobile, you also get a web account to access your loader scale data 24/7!

Packed with features, it gives you the following possibilities:

  • Send your day-to-day production to key managers by email automatically
  • Easy-to-use automated process
  • All the info printed on your loading ticket is sent to you.
  • Track missing ticket printouts!
  • Faster invoicing due to real-time weighing data access
  • All the loader production sent by email, everyday
  • Installation can be done by your local VEI dealer or by you


  • Canada
  • USA
  • Some areas may have limited cellular coverage.
  • Contact RMT to see if your area is covered.

Kit Includes

  • TrackWeight Mobile Cellular module
  • Monthly data transfer package
  • Power and Communication cables
  • Antenna


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