helper 21
helper 21

Much more than
a loader scale

Helper 21 is the first palm concept with a unique VEI operating system allowing a powerful solution and simplicity of use.

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Helper 21 is now upgraded
by the Helper X.

data transfer

Data Transfer

VEI has extensively invested in research and development of a unique USB-based data transfer technology. With the ikey, a pocket-size memory stick, you can transfer the data from the loader into the office PC where the iPot software stores all the information in a powerful database. The iPot software is a powerful Payload Management Software which can handle data from different machines out in the field.



The Helper 21 includes a powerful thermal printer which allows to print a great amount of data in a matter of few seconds and with a superior high quality layout, including your custom lines that relates to the product specifications or company approvals. Furthermore the paper roll concept allows to print reports on products and customers which would not be possible with a ticket printer. The printer can be integrated underneath the Helper 21, making one unique fit or it can be installed apart for more convenience or space needs.


TrackWeight Mobile

With TrackWeight Mobile, you also get a web account to access your loader scale data 24/7!

Packed with features, it gives you the following possibilities

  • Send your day-to-day production to key managers by email automatically
  • Easy-to-use automated process
  • All the info printed on your loading ticket is sent to you.
  • Track missing ticket printouts!
  • Faster invoicing due to real-time weighing data access
  • All the loader production sent by email, everyday
  • Installation can be done by your local VEI dealer or by you


  • Canada
  • USA
  • Some areas may have limited cellular coverage.
  • Contact RMT to see if your area is covered.

Kit Includes

  • TrackWeight Mobile Cellular module
  • Monthly data transfer package
  • Power and Communication cables
  • Antenna


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