Intermercato grapple scale by RMT using innovative wireless technology!

RMT Equipment, the weighing systems specialist, presents a complete line
of grapple scales for scrap-handling and log-loading excavators.


Using innovative wireless technology, RMT’s XW Series is designed by Intermercato, a Swedish manufacturer, who has been designing grapple scales for more than 10 years.

With units in operation worldwide, RMT’s grapple scale product line offers proven technology and field-tested products for the North American market.


Every grapple has a ‘’yoke or link’’ that allows it to swing from the dipper stick of the excavator. That part is replaced by RMT’s XW weighing link, which incorporates a weighing chamber. This new add-on incorporates a wireless antenna and a high efficiency battery pack, allowing 7 to 15 days of operation, depending on usage and climatic conditions.


As the load is picked up, the RMT XW in-cab monitor starts receiving weighing data automatically. The operator simply looks at the monitor as he moves toward the unloading position. Intermercato, the manufacturer of the XW Series, has developed a dynamic weighing technology that provides an incredible in-motion accuracy of 0 ± 3%.


The construction of the weighing link is tailor-made to suit material handlers’ specifications and is manufactured using high-end machinery and selected alloys in order to provide years of durability. The weighing link is backed up by our 2-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on electronics.

Metal detector
  • RMT XW wireless weighing link
  • Wireless in-cab monitor!
  • High efficiency battery pack, allowing 7 to 15 days
    of operation
  • In-motion accuracy of 0 ± 3%.
  • Color touch screen display
  • 2-year warranty on parts and a 1-year warranty on electronics.

RMT30088 Thermal printer with cable

RMT30090 Data transfer & software

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    Daniel took care of everything – he tracked down the scale we needed and arranged for the installation.” Starrett recalls. “We really took it on trust - it sounded like the right piece of equipment, with a good warranty to back it up.

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    "Without having a rail scale, it’s been kind of tough," Steve Goodzeck admits. "We have a bucket-scale loader, but most of the material is not easy to handle with a loader. Before, when we were loading the HMS, the loader couldn’t just go into a pile. One machine would load the bucket, the loader would pull the weight and dump it into a train car, then another machine would have to level the train car and spread the material around. Now we’ve eliminated two-thirds of that job"

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